Ready to lower energy costs for your business?

The Mass Save® Commercial Upstream Program offers all types of businesses instant incentives when you purchase and install qualifying commercial equipment and products through a participating distributor or dealer.

Ready to get started? Participation is simple.

1. Find a participating distributor.
Use the search tool below to help you find a local participating distributor who can work with you to identify the right kind of high-efficiency equipment for your business.

2. Purchase your equipment.
Select the qualified energy-efficient products or equipment you want to purchase for your business. Your distributor can help you choose.

3. Receive an instant incentive.
The incentive will be automatically applied at purchase. Once you install the equipment at your commercial facility, you can enjoy the cost savings of high-efficiency equipment for years to come.

Incentives are available on purchases for the following:

Electric HVAC equipment

The average commercial customer can save up to $2,600 in lifetime energy costs by choosing high-efficiency systems such as heat pumps, air-conditioning, controls and more.

Qualifying equipment

Natural gas and electric foodservice equipment

With energy-efficient ovens, refrigerators and more, restaurants and other foodservice facilities can cut energy costs by up to 30%.

Qualifying equipment

Lab grade cold storage equipment

ENERGY STAR® certified laboratory grade refrigeratos and freezers can help support the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.

Qualifying equipment

Lighting and fixtures

Take advantage of discounted pricing on LED lighting, which can use up to 90% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer than traditional commercial lighting.

Qualifying equipment

Natural gas water heaters

Choose between condensing storage, tankless, volume and indirect natural gas water heater upgrades; all reliable options that can lower energy costs in your building.

Qualifying equipment

Find a participating distributor near you.

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Benefits of commercial energy-efficient equipment:

  1. Lower overhead costs and increased profit margins
  2. A more comfortable environment
  3. Improved atmosphere and ambiance
  4. Ability to promote support of energy efficiency to energy-conscious customers

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