$100 Instant Discount on Qualified Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Circulator Pumps

The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer a $100 instant contractor discount on qualified Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Circulator Pumps when purchased for residential installation in Massachusetts.

What is an ECM Circulator Pump?

ECM Circulator Pumps are used for residential hydronic and radiant heating systems. They use intelligent speed to adjust the flow rates to meet demand, saving electricity and improving overall system efficiency.

ECM Circulator Pump Advantages

  • Enhanced overall system performance and customer satisfaction
  • Energy and financial savings
  • Intelligent speed control automatically adjusts flow output to changing demand
  • Adapts to partial load situations more efficiently than single speed split phase model

Find an ECM Pump Distributor

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How to Receive the ECM Circulator Pump Incentive

  • 1 Find a Participating Distributor

    Please use the tool above to locate participating distributors near you.

  • 2 Choose Qualified Equipment

    Choose from the approved equipment list to be eligible for the $100 instant discount. The equipment must be installed and operated at a facility or premise within Massachusetts that is residentially metered for electricity.

  • 3 Receive a $100 Instant Discount at time of purchase

    Contractors must supply a valid residential installation site address, customer name and phone number to the participating distributor, in order to receive the discount.

  • Looking for more information?

    Interested in becoming a participating distributor? Are you an equipment manufacturer with products you would like included on the qualified list? Contact Energy Solutions:

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 617.440.5467

Contributing Sponsors
Please note: Municipal Areas may not qualify for rebates and incentives offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save®. To find out if your area is eligible use the Find Your Mass Save Sponsor Tool.