Commissioning and Testing Services

Ensuring the Performance of Your Energy-Efficient Technologies
Investments in energy efficiency can produce important financial, operational, and environmental benefits. However, full benefits are only possible when all systems and equipment operate properly. Our commissioning and testing services ensure that your equipment is operating to full design intent.


Assuring Your Equipment’s Design Intent

Field studies show that simply making equipment run as intended can improve energy savings by 10-35 percent. A systematic quality process, commissioning ensures that energy efficient technologies deliver the performance owners expect and deserve. This entails much more than one-time operational tests of individual pieces of equipment by contractors. A Commissioning Agent, involved from concept through full operation, acts on the owner’s behalf to assure quality in design, installation, documentation, testing, and training.


Optimizing Key Systems

Commissioning can be appropriate on any project — new construction or renovation. It is particularly valuable in large, sophisticated projects, including:

  • Energy management systems 
  • Refrigeration and chilled water systems
  • Variable speed drives 
  • HVAC systems
  • Complex process systems
  • Thermal energy storage

Focus on Communication

Most projects involve individuals and teams working in sequence. One element of the job is completed, and the result is passed to the next player. Through these many hand-offs, important information can be lost, especially the project’s overall design intent. The Commissioning Agent fills these potential communication gaps — from owner to architect, to contractor, to manufacturer, to installer, to operator. It is natural to assume that energy systems are operating to specification, or that any problems will be discovered and solved through routine maintenance. However, as energy management systems and other technologies become more sophisticated, the need for commissioning increases. Likewise, routine maintenance typically addresses each component separately rather than verifying operation of the entire system to design intent.



The cost of commissioning varies by project. Actual cost depends on the systems involved, the size of the building, the scope of commissioning services desired, and other project-specific variables. Since commissioning typically improves the efficiency of energy systems, it often pays for itself over several years. The Sponsors of Mass Save® may contribute toward the owner’s commissioning expenses.

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