Business Case Studies

How Businesses Like Yours Are Working With Mass Save®

Learn more about how the Sponsors have helped businesses across Massachusetts reduce energy costs, improve their facilities, and take an active role in creating a more energy efficient future.

Businesses We’ve Partnered With

Grocery Stores
  • Hannaford Supermarkets Case Study
    Hannaford Supermarkets improved their stores’ lighting quality, saved energy, and reduced operating costs through this energy efficiency project.

Healthcare Facilities
  • Baystate Health Case Study

    Baystate Health, Columbia Gas, and Eversource (formerly Western Massachusetts Electrical Company or WMECo) worked together on a comprehensive energy assessment, installed new energy efficient boilers, and made HVAC and lighting upgrades.

  • Berkshire Medical Center Case Study

    Berkshire Medical Center received expert efficiency recommendations and incentives from Mass Save for lighting, saving 120,000 kWh a year.

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Case Study

    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center improved the ventilation in its lab facilities after receiving substantial incentives from its electric and gas utility providers through Mass Save.

  • Linda Manor Extended Care Case Study

    Linda Manor Extended Care took a closer look at how they were using energy through a technical assessment that identified energy savings opportunities. The project included heating equipment upgrades and ozone technology for their laundry operations.

Schools and Municipal Buildings
  • Fitchburg High School Case Study

    Unitil worked closely with the town of Fitchburg to secure energy efficiency incentives through Mass Save. Improvements included new high-efficiency boilers for Fitchburg High School. Other municipal buildings in Fitchburg, Gardner, Ashby, Lunenburg, and Townsend also received energy savings upgrades.

  • Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School Case Study

    Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School, known as Monty Tech, invested in a new automated heating and cooling system and LED lighting. The Fitchburg‐based school, which serves 18 communities, is realizing significant energy savings.

  • Town of Andover Case Study

    The Town of Andover, committed to saving energy, worked with Mass Save to install high-efficiency lighting systems in its schools, town offices, library, public safety center, and school administration offices.

  • West Springfield School Department Case Study

    The West Springfield School Department partnered with Columbia Gas to install high-efficiency natural gas boilers, saving the city significant energy – 27,000 therms annually.

  • Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Case Study

    Through a partnership with the Mass Save program, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School built a state-of-the-art school utilizing sustainable design principles.

Office Buildings
  • Architectural Resources Cambridge Case Study

    ARC transformed their office into a showcase LEED Gold certified space through efficient and beautiful design. Mass Save helped ARC dramatically their reduce electricity usage without negatively impacting lighting quality.

  • Cimpress Case Study

    Cimpress achieved a smart office design that received LEED Gold certification, enhanced overall comfort, and fostered employee creativity.

  • The Fields Realty Trust Case Study

    The Fields Realty Trust Company reduced operating costs in its 40,000 square foot office facility by incorporating high-efficiency lighting and installing an energy management system to control the heating and cooling system’s operation. Mass Save provided expertise and incentives for 70 percent of the project cost.

Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Airxchange Case Study

    In support of a growing demand for its energy recovery wheels, Airxchange completed a 62,000 square foot manufacturing/warehouse expansion in Rockland, MA. Working with National Grid, numerous enhancements were built into the design to optimize energy efficiency.

  • ALADCO Linen Services Case Study

    ALADCO Linen Services of Adams, MA teamed up with Berkshire Gas to develop a long-term plan to implement efficiency measures that save 81,000 therms, 171,000 kWh, and 14,000 gallons of water annually. ALADCO launders and rents linens to restaurants, hotels, motels, hospitals, medical service providers, schools, and colleges.

  • Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods Case Study

    Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods partnered with Mass Save to implement the latest energy efficient technologies at its newly built 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility – saving over 1.1 million kWh a year.

  • Gentex Optics Case Study

    Gentex Optics, a leading lens manufacturer, underwent a high performance process cooling system upgrade. By replacing three air cooled chillers with two 250 ton high-efficiency chillers, Gentex achieved a 73 percent reduction in electric usage.

  • Sekisui Voltek Case Study

    Sekisui Voltek, a leading manufacturer of cross-linked polyolefin foam, made their Massachusetts manufacturing facilities more energy efficient by replacing their compressed air system

    • Sepracor Case Study

      Research-based pharmaceutical company Sepracor expanded HVAC system capabilities in their facilities while reducing energy usage and costs.

    • South Shore Millwork Case Study

      South Shore Millwork improved the operational efficiency of their 40,000 square foot, climate-controlled facility by installing energy saving processes and equipment. South Shore Millwork is New England’s direct source for fine architectural woodwork.

    • Swan Dyeing and Printing Corporation Case Study

      This video case study features Swan Dyeing and Printing Corporation, the premier commission fabric dyer and printer in the United States. Liberty Utilities (formerly New England Gas Company) provided incentives for energy efficiency upgrades including a large industrial burner and steam traps.

    Operations Centers
    • Cape Air Case Study

      Cape Air collaborated with Cape Light Compact to transform its Hyannis operations center into a net-zero electricity importer on an annual basis, reducing electricity usage by 25 percent.

    Property Management
    • Pioneer Valley Condominiums Case Study

      Pioneer Valley Condominiums and Columbia Gas worked together to improve energy efficiency, increase residents’ comfort, and realize an estimated savings of $16,890 per year.

    Data Centers
    • The Markley Group Case Study

      The Markley Group worked closely with their local utility to develop a long-term plan to increase energy efficiency in the largest data center and telecom facility in Boston. Through Mass Save, the company received an incentive covering 75 percent of the incremental cost of new energy efficient technology

    • Dakin Humane Society

      Dakin Humane Society worked with Eversource on energy-efficient improvements made to its lighting and heating systems, which will save an estimated $49,000 in annual energy costs

    • AC Hotel Cambridge

      The AC Hotel Cambridge team worked with Eversource and XSS Hotels, a development and design company, to incorporate energy efficiency measures into its original design plans, which are projected to save the hotel an estimated $49,000 in annual energy costs

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