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Adding or Replacing End-of-Life Equipment

  • Heat Pumps and Electric HVAC Equipment

    Incentives to help you install more efficient electric HVAC and Heat Pump equipment in your facility.

  • Chillers

    Today’s advanced chilling technology can reduce the costs of your heating and cooling processes.

  • Gas Heating Equipment

    Apply for rebates on commercial natural gas heating equipment, wireless thermostats, and more.

  • Compressed Air

    Energy efficient air compressors reduce costs by 30-60 percent.

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Cut costs by 10 to 30 percent with energy efficient food service equipment.

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

    Reduce the energy consumption of pumps, fans, and motors with VSDs. Apply now for incentives and technical assistance.

  • Custom Project

    Save up to 75 percent with incentives on custom, energy efficient lighting systems, HVAC, and more.

  • Engineering Services (Technical Assistance)

    We provide engineering services, technical assistance, and financial incentives to help you realize energy efficient building and design.

Upgrade Equipment

New Building and Major Renovations Solutions

  • Financing Options for Businesses

    The Sponsors of Mass Save recognize the value of supporting financing options for all business customers, including Multi-family and Non-Profits. The Sponsors will work directly with customers and financial institutions to facilitate use of eligible customer incentive payments to defray or otherwise offset financing-related costs, such as interest, associated with loans for energy efficiency upgrades.

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