Wi-Fi Thermostats: The Gadget that Saves

December 14, 2016

The holidays are right around the corner and that means the newest, coolest, most trendy gadgets of the year are out, ready for you to take home.

This year we’ve got our eyes set on one specific kind of gadget, one that can make your home feel (and look) super cool, and can also keep it perfectly warm in the winter and cool in the summer: a Wi-Fi thermostat.

This year there are so many to choose from. Brands including Honeywell, ecobee, Wiser Air, and Nest, just to name a few, but what makes these so great?

Here are some of the characteristics that make Wi-Fi thermostats stand out. Wi-Fi thermostats are:


These gadgets come with preset settings, as well as the ability to adapt settings to your schedule. These settings can help you save energy by reducing your heating and cooling when you’re away from home (say during work and school hours) and asleep. The beauty of these thermostats is that you only need to set it one time - after that you can completely forget about it and enjoy a comfy home no matter what. Planning a vacation or want to change the settings for a special event? Wi-Fi thermostats have the ability to be programmed and adjusted remotely, and you can set it up so you can receive temperature alerts to your phone or email so you are always in the know!


Talk about impressive technology – most of the newest models of Wi-Fi thermostats are not just aesthetically pleasing – they’re smart too! Once you set your preferences, the thermostat remembers them and adjusts the heating and cooling to your choices. Some can sense your presence in your home or track when your cell phone comes within range, and adjust the temperature. They can also be programmed to send you alerts when drastic weather changes are approaching so that you can adjust accordingly from wherever you might be. Another big plus: most Wi-Fi thermostats will alert you when it is time for heating or cooling system maintenance which will save you time, money, and headaches!


These awesome gadgets will practically pay for themselves in a year or less. They have the ability to help you save up to 10% on your energy bills, which can really add up. In case you are not completely convinced, if you switch to a Wi-Fi or “smart” thermostat, Mass Save can help you out with rebates of up to $100. You can even buy one through the Mass Save online store to receive the $100 discount instantly, if you heat your home with natural gas.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the gift that keeps on giving. With its luxurious high-tech look, amazing capabilities, and money-saving powers, a new Wi-Fi thermostat will have everyone in your home feeling happy and comfy all year long, all while saving some big bucks! Lighting & Appliances Heating & Cooling
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