Pump Up the Savings with a Heat Pump Water Heater

January 25, 2019

Water heating is the second biggest energy expense in your home, behind space heating. Nearly 20% of your utility bill is attributed to water heating costs. This makes sense because you rely on hot water every day from bathing to cleaning to cooking.

This also means that by upgrading to an efficient hot water heater, you can significantly reduce your energy costs.

If you have an electric hot water heater and it is 10 years or older, it’s likely costing you money in wasted energy, and it’s time to replace it. Consider an electric heat pump water heater.

Compared to a conventional electric storage tank water heater, heat pump water heaters are 2-3 times more efficient. It all comes down to how heat pump water heaters heat the water.

Rather than generate heat with an electric heating element, heat pumps transfer heat from the air surrounding the water heater and use that to heat the water. This process uses less energy, provides plenty of hot water, and saves you money.

In order to operate efficiently, a heat pump water heater needs to be installed in a space that maintains an average temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit and has at least 750 cubic feet of air space around the water heater. A basement or garage that isn’t too cluttered and doesn’t get too cold in the winter would be a good spot.

In the event of colder temperatures, a heat pump water heater will still produce hot water, but it may use its backup heating element in order to do so, running similarly to a standard electric water heater. This is only “if necessary” in order to ensure you always have hot water. Rest assured, a heat pump water heater will run efficiently most days out of the year and the savings will add up.

With a heat pump water heater, a family of four using an average of 70 gallons of hot water a day can see savings range from $290-$530 a year.

It’s clear you can save with a heat pump water heater. The Sponsors of Mass Save® want to help you save on the purchase of a heat pump water heater as well. Learn more about rebates of up to $600 on heat pump water heaters by clicking here.

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