Home Insulation: 5 Benefits to Consider

February 26, 2018

Adding more insulation to your home is one of the “biggest bang for your buck” home improvements you can make. Here are five ways you can benefit by improving the insulation in your home.

Improve comfort.
Insulation slows heat transfer. In the winter, adequate insulation will keep the warmth from your heating system inside. In the summer, the warmth outside will stay outside. In both cases, proper insulation will improve the comfort of your home, no matter the season.

Give your heating and cooling system a break.
Because insulation adds greater temperature control to your home, your heating and cooling system won’t have to run as much to compensate for temperature drops or increases. The result is less wear and tear on your equipment, which reduces the likelihood of maintenance issues and prolongs the life of your heating and cooling system.

Reduce energy costs.
When your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to run as much, that’s energy and money you’re saving. It’s as simple as that.

Reduce noise from outside
Insulation can also create a sound barrier between your home and the outside world. If you live on a busy street, adding insulation can reduce the amount of sound you hear from car or foot traffic. That difference could mean a better night’s sleep.

Improve home value
If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future—or distant future—know that any upgrades you make to improve home comfort and reduce energy costs can result in greater buyer demand and a higher selling price.

It’s clear that improving your home’s insulation pays off—in more ways than one. Want an even quicker payback on insulation improvements? Check out the insulation incentives offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save®. You may be eligible for up to 75% off insulation costs, and depending on your household income, you may even be eligible for up to 100% off the costs. Find out which energy saving rebates you qualify for when you schedule a no-cost home energy assessment.

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