Dehumidifier Turn-In Events Are Back!

March 20, 2018

If you haven’t yet participated in a Mass Save® Dehumidifier Turn-In Event, you are in luck! The Spring 2019 event schedule is posted, and there’s bound to be an event near you.

Since 2015, the Sponsors of Mass Save – Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid and Unitil– have arranged events with retailers and communities that enable residential electric customers to safely recycle their older dehumidifiers for no-cost and in exchange for a $30 rebate. Last year, 35 events – which took place in locations stretching from the cityscapes of Boston, to the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, to the shores of Cape Cod – led to over 2,600 recycled units. Compared to the 2016 results, this marked a more than three-fold increase in the number of events and more than six-fold increase in the number of units recycled. This year, the Sponsors will continue this ambitious program – helping customers across the state remove old, inefficient dehumidifiers from the grid, safely recycle them, and upgrade to more efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified units.

Ordinarily, dehumidifiers can be challenging to dispose of, and, if not discarded properly, can lead to environmental harm. Dehumidifiers contain refrigerant, oil, and mercury that must be handled carefully, plus they consist of many components – including copper, aluminum, steel, glass, and plastic – that are better to be recycled and reused, rather than placed in a landfill. The Sponsors of Mass Save make it easy to get rid of your old unit by providing convenient, no-cost events where you drop off your dehumidifier, fill out a form, and receive a rebate in the mail – it’s as simple as that! Check out the pictures below from last year’s events!

Dartmouth, MA

Pittsfield, MA


Orleans, MA

Keeping excess moisture in check to maintain indoor air quality can mean extended run times for your dehumidifier, especially during the spring and summer. Despite removing the same amount of moisture from the air as a non-ENERGY STAR certified model, a certified unit uses 28% less energy, which can lead to more than $300 in savings over the lifetime of the unit. So, if you’re turning in an old unit at one of these recycling events, check out this $30 rebate for the purchase of a new ENERGY STAR certified model.

This year, don’t miss out on these savings – be sure to mark your calendars and cross off a major spring cleaning list “to-do” when you recycle your old dehumidifier with Mass Save!

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