HVAC Distributors: Grow Your Business With the Latest Efficient Equipment

October 26, 2017

Here’s some great news for HVAC distributors. The demand for energy efficient HVAC solutions is growing. Are you prepared to deliver?

A recent survey from Johnson Controls found 68% of energy and facility managers plan to increase their organization’s investment in energy efficiency – and HVAC improvements are at the top of their list of priority upgrades.

Businesses are realizing the enormous potential energy efficient HVAC equipment can bring to their organization – from reducing operations and maintenance costs to improving employee productivity by enhancing comfort and indoor air quality. And they’re turning to the contractors, engineering teams, and energy service providers they rely on to bring these solutions to them.

The result is a huge opportunity for distributors to offer the most efficient commercial HVAC equipment available. Making these solutions more accessible to your customers helps you be a better partner, positions you as a market leader offering best-in-class solutions, and also boosts your bottom line, as sales of energy efficient units typically come with higher margins over standard equipment.

To help distributors capitalize on this market transformation, the Sponsors of Mass Save® are offering distributor incentives, education, and training through the Upstream HVAC program. Equipment covered in this program includes high-efficiency commercial air conditioning and heat pump systems, ductless mini- and multi-split systems, variable refrigerant flow systems, dual enthalpy economizer controls, and ECM pumps.

Ready to meet the demand for more efficient HVAC solutions? Learn more about how you can take advantage of our Upstream HVAC program here.

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