Rebate Processing Inquiries

The Sponsors of Mass Save are aware some customers have been experiencing delays of their rebate checks. We understand that energy efficiency upgrades are an investment for our customers, and that rebates are an important part of supporting that process. To support the demand and create a faster rebate process, we engaged a new rebate vendor as of July 1.

We apologize for any past delays or inconveniences. We’re committed to doing better for our customers as we help to advance a more energy efficient future. We encourage customers with questions to check their rebate status here

If you need additional assistance please reach us at [email protected], and provide your name, contact information, service address, and the rebate you are referencing.

If you are inquiring about a refrigerator/freezer recycling rebate, additional information can be found here. Complete the form below for any additional inquiries.

Please allow 2 – 3 business days for a reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my rebate payment?

It has been more than eight (8) weeks since I submitted a completed rebate form and supporting documentation. Why haven’t I received my rebate?

I’m having trouble requesting my rebate through the Mass Save Online Rebate Portal. What other options do I have?

I believe I made a mistake when filling out my forms. Can I update my rebate submission?

Who do I contact for assistance claiming my rebate?