Lighting & Appliances: Offers

Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Rebates | Air Conditioning Rebates

Get $25 instant air conditioner rebates from participating stores. Room air conditioners must have an Energy Efficiency Rating of 10.8 or higher.

Energy Saving Power Strips | Advanced Power Strip | Power Strips

Massachusetts electric customers can get discounted pricing on energy saving power strips. Learn where to purchase advanced power strips at special pricing.

Home Air Purifier Incentives | House Air Cleaner Rebates

Get a $40 rebate on ENERGY STAR qualified home air purifiers from participating Massachusetts utility or energy efficiency service providers.

Massachusetts Dryer Rebate | Massachusetts Clothes Dryer Rebate

Get a $200 rebate on qualified high efficiency clothes dryers.

Energy Star Lighting | Energy Star Lights | Energy Star Light

Massachusetts residents can purchase discounted ENERGY STAR lighting products through the ENERGY STAR LIGHTS catalog, made available by Mass Save sponsors.

Heat Pump Rebate | Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate | Pump Water Heater

Through the Mass Save program, Massachusetts residents can get a heat pump rebate on qualified heat pump water heater units that meet installation guidelines.

Home Energy Auditor | Free Home Energy Audit | Mass Save Energy Audit

A Mass Save home energy auditor can help you learn how to save up to 50% on your energy use. Find out how to get a free home energy audit through Mass Save.

Retail Finder | Energy Star Light | Energy Star Light Fixtures

Massachusetts residents receive special pricing on eligible ENERGY STAR light fixtures. Find retailers for energy efficient fluorescent light fixtures.

Pool Pump Rebate | Energy Efficient Pool Pump | Efficient Pool Pumps

Mass Save offers a $200 pool pump rebate for Massachusetts residents for the purchase of eligible energy efficient pool pump.

Refrigerator Recycling | Recycle Refrigerator | Freezer Recycling

Massachusetts residents get a $50 incentive for refrigerator recycling and freezer recycling of their second fridge and/or freezer.

Energy Star Refrigerator Incentives | Energy Star Freezer Incentives

Buy an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator or freezer and receive up to a $50 incentive. Available to Massachusetts electric customers.

MA HERS Rating Incentives | Massachusetts Homes Energy Rebates

HERS Rater incentives for single family and multifamily low rise construction

Multi Family Home Energy Savings | Energy Rebates | Mass Save Offers

Incentives options for multifamily high rise construction

Energy Star Washing Machine Rebate | Efficient Clothes Washer Rebate

$75 rebate on select ENERGY STAR® clothes washers

Save Energy and Money with Mass Save | Mass Save Energy Saving Tips

Do You “Like to Save” Energy and Money? We have great rebates and price discounts on ENERGY STAR® qualified products, plus programs to help you save even more.

Energy Star Dehumidifier Rebate | Energy Efficient Dehumidifier Rebate

$30 rebate for ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifier

CFL and LED Finder | Energy Efficient Light Bulb Retailer Finder

Massachusetts residents get special pricing on ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and LED bulbs.

MA Multi-Family Whole Building Assessments | Multi-Family HEA

Watch a video on how the Mass Save Multi-Family program can landlords and owners maximize energy efficiency services throughout their buildings.

Mass Efficient Heating Rebates | Water Heater Energy Incentives

High Efficiency Heating and Water Heating Rebates for Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program Participants Only

Mass Residential Energy Rebates | Energy Efficiency Incentives

Performance path incentives for single family and multifamily low rise construction

Mass Residential Energy Credit | Energy Efficiency Rebates

Prescriptive path incentives for single family and multifamily low rise construction

MA Hot Water Heater Rebate | Boiler Rebate | Gas Furnace Rebate

Save money on home heating costs by upgrading existing hot water heaters with energy efficient equipment and get rebates on your upgraded furnace or boiler.