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Lighting & Appliances: Offers

Regletas eléctricas que ahorran energía | Regletas eléctricas avanzadas | Regletas eléctricas

Massachusetts electric customers can get discounted pricing on energy saving power strips. Learn where to purchase advanced power strips at special pricing.

Buscador de CFL y LED | Buscador de comercios minoristas de lamparillas eficientes energéticamente

Massachusetts residents get special pricing on ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and LED bulbs.

Iluminación Energy Star | Lamparillas Energy Star | Lamparilla Energy Star

Massachusetts residents can purchase discounted ENERGY STAR lighting products through the ENERGY STAR LIGHTS catalog, made available by Mass Save sponsors.

Buscador de tiendas minoristas | Iluminación Energy Star | Artefactos de iluminación Energy Star

Massachusetts residents receive special pricing on eligible ENERGY STAR light fixtures. Find retailers for energy efficient fluorescent light fixtures.

Evaluaciones de edificios multifamiliares completos de MA / HEA de viviendas multifamiliares

Watch a video on how the Mass Save Multi-Family program can landlords and owners maximize energy efficiency services throughout their buildings.

Incentivos de evaluación HERS de MA | Rebajas en energía para viviendas de Massachusetts

HERS Rater incentives for single family and multifamily low rise construction

Rebajas en calefacción eficiente de Mass | Incentivos por energía para calentadores de agua

High Efficiency Heating and Water Heating Rebates for Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program Participants Only

Rebajas de energía residenciales de Mass Save | Incentivos por eficiencia de energía

Performance path incentives for single family and multifamily low rise construction

Créditos por energía residenciales de Mass Save | Rebajas por eficiencia de energía

Prescriptive path incentives for single family and multifamily low rise construction

Ahorre dinero en la compra de un artefacto de ducha eficiente en línea

Save money when you buy an efficient shower fixture online

Rebaja de calentador de agua de MA | Rebaja de caldera | Rebaja de caldera de gas

Save money on home heating costs by upgrading existing hot water heaters with energy efficient equipment and get rebates on your upgraded furnace or boiler.

Rebaja en secarropas en Massachusetts | Rebajas en secarropas en Massachusetts

Get a $200 rebate on qualified high efficiency clothes dryers.