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Energy Saving Power Strips | Advanced Power Strip | Power Strips

Massachusetts electric customers can get discounted pricing on energy saving power strips. Learn where to purchase advanced power strips at special pricing.

$200 rebate on qualified high efficiency clothes dryers

$200 rebate on qualified high efficiency clothes dryers

Retail Finder | Energy Star Light | Energy Star Light Fixtures

Massachusetts residents receive special pricing on eligible ENERGY STAR light fixtures. Find retailers for energy efficient fluorescent light fixtures.

Do you “Like to Save” Energy and Money?

Do You “Like to Save” Energy and Money? We have great rebates and price discounts on ENERGY STAR® qualified products, plus programs to help you save even more.

Energy Star Lighting | Energy Star Lights | Energy Star Light

Massachusetts residents can purchase discounted ENERGY STAR lighting products through the ENERGY STAR LIGHTS catalog, made available by Mass Save sponsors.

Discounts on Energy Efficient CFLs and LED Bulbs

Massachusetts residents get special pricing on ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and LED bulbs.

Home Energy Analysis | Home Energy Performance | Mass Energy Audit

Get a home energy analysis through Home MPG program. This Mass energy audit gives residents a better understanding of their home energy performance.

Refrigerator Recycling | Recycle Refrigerator | Freezer Recycling

Massachusetts residents get a $50 incentive for refrigerator recycling and freezer recycling of their second fridge and/or freezer.

Home Air Purifiers | House Air Cleaner | Home Air Cleaners

Get a $40 rebate on ENERGY STAR qualified home air purifiers from participating Massachusetts utility or energy efficiency service providers.

Pool Pump Rebate | Energy Efficient Pool Pump | Efficient Pool Pumps

Mass Save offers a $200 pool pump rebate for Massachusetts residents for the purchase of eligible energy efficient pool pump.

Air Conditioner Rebates | Air Conditioning Rebate

Get $25 instant air conditioner rebates from participating stores. Room air conditioners must have an Energy Efficiency Rating of 10.8 or higher.

Heat Pump Rebate | Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate | Pump Water Heater

Through the Mass Save program, Massachusetts residents can get a heat pump rebate on qualified heat pump water heater units that meet installation guidelines.

Home Energy Auditor | Free Home Energy Audit | Mass Save Energy Audit

A Mass Save home energy auditor can help you learn how to save up to 50% on your energy use. Find out how to get a free home energy audit through Mass Save.

ENERGY STAR Refrigerator and Freezer Rebate

Buy an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator or freezer and receive up to a $50 incentive. Available to Massachusetts electric customers.

Multi-Family Whole Building Assessments

Multi-Family buildings with 5 units or more may be eligible for a "whole" building assessment. Incentives are facility-specific.

How to Save Money on Early Boiler Replacement | Furnace Replacement

Save money on early boiler replacement and early furnace replacement with Massachusetts heating equipment rebates.