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Televisions & Combination Units

ENERGY STAR® certified televisions help you save energy and money, while protecting the environment, and without sacrificing features or quality. In most homes, television sets are accompanied by several different home entertainment items like VCRs, DVD players, and surround sound systems.

You can find the ENERGY STAR® certification on all types of TVs and combination units, from HD TVs to flat-screen TVs to large-screen TVs. For some of the most efficient televisions, look for TopTen USA™ listed television models.

Save Money and Energy with Energy Efficient Home Electronics
When purchasing a television, the type and screen size can have a major effect on your energy use:

  • Always look for the ENERGY STAR label to save energy when in use, but also in standby modes; look for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient TVs for higher efficient models.
  • For every 10 inches you increase your screen size, the TV will use between 50-70% more energy, so bigger isn’t always better.
  • Although all types of size and screen technologies can be ENERGY STAR certified and save on energy use, LCD TVs generally use about 30% less energy than plasma TVs.

Also consider purchasing a combination unit. Combination units that have a TV and DVD player save space, simplify set-up, require fewer cables, are more portable, use fewer remotes, and usually consume less energy in standby mode than separate components. An ENERGY STAR certified combination unit can use 35% less energy than standard units.

Home electronics are responsible for 15% of household electricity use. This is not only when they are in use, but when they are in stand-by or off modes too. An average home has 40 products continuously using power and that number is sure to grow with new advances in technology. Make sure you look for the ENERGY STAR® label when purchasing home electronic products. Also, be sure to use an advanced power strip to limit the energy your electronics use when they are turned off.

Recycle Your Old Home Electronics

Did you know that you can recycle your old electronics? This helps the environment by not only keeping these products out of landfills, but also saving on the energy needed to produce products made from recycled materials! Go to to learn how to safely recycle electronic products in your area.