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Audio Products

Many CD players, receivers, and speakers continue to use energy even when they’re “turned off.” ENERGY STAR® certified audio products can use up to 90% less energy than standard models when not in use. You’ll save energy and money, while still having the latest features and high sound quality. 

Save Money and Energy with Energy Efficient Home Electronics
Home electronics are responsible for 15% of household electricity use. This is not only when they are in use but, when they are in stand-by or off modes too. An average home has 40 products continuously using power and that number is sure to grow with new advances in technology. Make sure you look for the ENERGY STAR® label when purchasing home electronic products. Visit the Virtual Open House to build your own virtual living room and see how the choices you make can go a long way with energy savings.

Recycle Your Old Home Electronics
Did you know that you could recycle your old electronics? This helps the environment by not only keeping these products out of landfills, but it also saves on the energy needed to produce products made from recycled materials! Go to to learn how to safely recycle electronic products in your area.