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Advanced Power Strips

Even when your TV is turned off, it’s still wasting energy.

Did you know that your home electronic devices continue to use electricity to power peripherals, such as remote controls or clock displays, even when they are turned off? This is known as “phantom” or “vampire” load, also called standby power loss. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is approximately 5 to 10 percent of your annual energy cost.

Advanced power strips cut standby power loss, while offering all the same features as standard power strips, such as surge suppression. An advanced power strip is able to cut the power to your electronics when they are not being used, saving you energy and up to $30 annually.

How does an Advanced Power Strip work?

Advanced Power Strips offer the same benefits as standard power strips, except they include three distinct outlets designed to save you energy and money. They provide the functionality that is needed for today’s connected world.

  • Primary Outlet: The primary outlet acts as the “control” or “master” outlet because it turns off the power to secondary outlets when the device connected to it is turned off. The primary outlet is typically used for your TV or computer’s central processing unit, since other devices connected to the power strip depend on either your TV or computer for their functionality. For example, you need to turn on your TV in order to watch DVDs from your DVD player.
  • Secondary Outlet: The secondary outlet acts as the “controlled” outlet and is for peripherals devices, such as your DVD player, game console, or computer monitor. When the device connected to the primary outlet is turned off, the power will automatically be turned off to the device connected to the secondary outlet. For example, turning off your television would automatically eliminate the power to your DVD player or game console. The amount of energy you save with an advanced power strip depends on the devices you have connected to the secondary outlets.
  • Always On Outlet: The always on outlet is not controlled by the primary outlet. Devices plugged into the always on outlet will receive constant power which is necessary for devices such as cable boxes or modems.

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