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ENERGY STARĀ® Certified Refrigerators and Freezers

Improvements in insulation and compressors mean today's refrigerators and freezers consume much less energy than older models. ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators are 15% more energy efficient and ENERGY STAR certified freezers are 10% more energy efficient than non-certified models

Save Money and Energy with Energy Efficient Refrigerators and Freezers 

Did you know that some ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators and freezers can save you more money than others? ENERGY STAR Most Efficient and TopTen classifications denote the most energy-efficient refrigerator and freezer models. Check out the list of ENERGY STAR Most Efficient refrigerators or Top Ten refrigerators and Top Ten freezers to find the ones that will save you the most energy and money

For More Information

Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to learn more about ENERGY STAR® and for an up-to-date list of certified refrigerators and freezers.

Visit the Top Ten website to learn about Top Ten and some of the most efficient refrigerators and freezers.

Have an Old, Second Fridge or Freezer to Recycle?
Your old fridge or freezer could be costing you $150 a year in energy cost. Recycle that old fridge or freezer with Mass Save and get $50, plus free pickup. Visit our Refrigerator Recycling Page to learn more.

Ready to make your purchase?
Find a retailer near you. Then, visit our Fridge and Freezer Rebate Page to download a mail-in rebate form that will save you up to $75 on your purchase of a new ENERGY STAR certified, ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, or Top Ten listed refrigerator or an ENERGY STAR certified or Top Ten listed freezer.

Find a Retailer Near You

Use our Retail Finder Tool to locate ENERGY STAR® retailers. Simply enter your ZIP code and tell us how many miles you want to travel. We'll give you a list of stores in your area.

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