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ENERGY STARĀ® Certified Dishwashers

Compact and standard capacity models of ENERGY STAR® certified dishwashers are available and are designed to exceed minimum federal standards by at least thirteen percent.

Save Money and Energy with Energy Efficient Dishwashers
Most of the energy used by dishwashers is used for heating water. Today's ENERGY STAR® certified dishwashers internally heat water to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to turn down your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and reduce overall water heating costs.

ENERGY STAR® certified dishwashers are also designed with more efficient motors and washing action, which saves energy, water, and pre-rinsing, while ensuring effective cleaning. Additionally, ENERGY STAR® certified dishwashers are designed with sensors or options that allow for different temperature and washing cycles. These options minimize water consumption and energy. "No-heat" drying options allow for further energy and cost savings.

For More Information
Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to learn more about ENERGY STAR® and for an up-to-date list of certified dishwashers.

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