Energy Efficient Clothes Dryers

Standard clothes dryers are one of the largest energy hogs of home appliances. They can consume nearly twice the energy as a refrigerator! High efficiency clothes dryers are more than 30% more efficient than standard models.

Save Money and Energy with a High Efficiency Clothes Dryer
A qualified high efficiency clothes dryer can save you up to $30 annually in reduced energy costs. In addition to using advanced heating technology, which requires less energy to dry your clothes, these dryers have smart controls that sense when the laundry is finished. This reduces over-drying, which both saves energy and is gentler on your clothes.

For More Information
Visit our Clothes Dryer Offers Page to learn how to receive a $200 rebate with your purchase of a qualified high efficiency clothes dryer and an up-to-date list of qualified clothes dryer models. If you're ready to buy, download a $200 mail-in rebate form for a qualified clothes dryer.