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Learning Center

Using the Mass Save Website

For Your Home is divided into sections that focus on a specific need such as buying a new appliance or building a house. Use the navigation menu on the right of each page to explore your area of interest. In addition, there are features designed to help you find rebates, share pages, and locate resources.

"Ways to Save" Offer Finder
The offer finder uses your ZIP code and heat source to determine which incentives are being offered by your local gas or electric utility or energy services provider. After you enter your information, you will see a list of available incentives. Simply select an incentive for details and instructions. If you are a customer of a municipal energy company, you may not be eligible for every incentive.

Quick Tools
If you know what you’re looking for, the Quick Tools page can help you find resources in your area, including lighting and appliance retailers, community action programs (CAPs), and certified contractors. Some tools will ask for a ZIP code if you haven’t already provided one.

Sharing Pages

We hope you’ll spread the word about Mass Save® though your email, Twitter, Facebook, or other account. Just click on the “share” icon and select the tool that you want to use to send a link to the page to people you know.

Using Site Search

The search bar at the top of every Mass Save® page lets you enter a term and looks for pages that match your search. To narrow your search, choose a section of the website from the drop-down menu. For example, a homeowner can search the entire Mass Save® site but may want to save time by limiting the search to the “Home” section from the menu. You can also change your search terms to refine your search. For example, by using “air conditioner rebates” instead of the broader “air conditioners.”

Contacting Mass Save®
If you want to ask a question or have a comment or suggestion about the Mass Save® program, you can select “Contact” at the top of any Mass Save page. You’ll need to enter your ZIP code and tell us if you are using the Home, Business, or Professional section of the website. That way, we’ll be able to provide the right contact information.