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Early Heating & Cooling Equipment Replacement Rebates

Generous rebates of up to $3,500 are available for replacing aging, functional, inefficient heating and cooling equipment! Take advantage of these rebates and start saving on your energy costs year after year.

Age Requirements for Early Equipment Replacement Rebates

Equipment Type Minimum Age
Gas, Oil or Propane Boiler At least 30 years old
Gas, Oil or Propane Furnace At least 12 years old
Electric Central Air Conditioning At least 12 years old
Electric Central Heat Pump At least 12 years old

Early Heating & Cooling Equipment Rebates

Fuel Type Equipment Rebate Amount Efficiency Requirements
Oil Furnace w/ECM Blower $750 AFUE ≥ 86%
Forced Hot Water Boiler $1,700 AFUE ≥ 86%
Steam Boiler $1,900 AFUE ≥ 84%
Propane Furnace w/ECM Blower $1,000 AFUE ≥ 95%
Forced Hot Water Boiler $3,000 Owner Occupied – AFUE ≥ 90%
Forced Hot Water Boiler $3,500 Non-Owner Occupied* – AFUE ≥ 90%
Steam Boiler $1,900 AFUE ≥ 82%
Natural Gas Furnace w/ECM Blower $1,000 AFUE ≥ 95%
Forced Hot Water Boiler $3,000 Owner Occupied – AFUE ≥ 90%
Forced Hot Water Boiler $3,500 Non-Owner Occupied* – AFUE ≥ 90%
Steam Boiler $1,900 AFUE ≥ 82%
Electric Central A/C $750 SEER ≥ 16, EER ≥ 13
Central Heat Pump $750 SEER ≥ 16, HSPF ≥ 8.5
Central Heat Pump $1,000 SEER ≥ 18, HSPF ≥ 9.6
*Proof of permanent residence is required
ECM = Electronically Commutated Motor
AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating
SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
HSPF = Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

Next Steps:

  1. To see if you’re eligible for an early heating or cooling equipment replacement rebate, contact Mass Save at 866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment or Site Visit prior to removing your old equipment and installing your new efficient equipment.
    • If you’re only interested in an early central A/C or central heat pump rebate, you may instead schedule an appointment with an Airflow and Charge Check (AC Check) Trained Contractor to verify eligibility. Please note: if you are planning to finance your replacement equipment with the HEAT Loan a Home Energy Assessment is required.

  2. If you’re eligible, be sure that the new equipment installed meets or exceeds the efficiency requirements listed above.

  3. Submit your completed rebate form and other required documentation by the submission deadline for your service provider. You should receive the rebate form from your Energy Specialist or AC Check Trained Contractor after they verify the age of the existing equipment. Rebates can be submitted by mail or online at

Click here for full eligibility requirements and submission deadlines.

If your equipment does not meet the minimum age requirement or is non-functional, you may still qualify for our standard rebates up to $1,600, referenced at the pages below:

Mass Save HEAT Loan Program

You may also be eligible for 0% financing through the Mass Save HEAT Loan Program. Visit the HEAT Loan page for more information. Please note, if financing the replacement of Central A/C or Central Heat Pump equipment, you must both (1) have a Home Energy Assessment or Site Visit to verify eligibility and (2) have an AC Check Trained Contractor install the eligible equipment.