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Information for Business Lenders: Mass Save Financing


Loan Features

  • A 0% interest loan up to $500,000 for qualified energy efficiency measures.
  • Interest is paid to the lender up front by the Program Administrator.
  • Interest is paid in lieu of a portion of the Mass Save incentive for the qualifying measure.
  • Terms up to 7 years.
  • Interest rate of prime plus 100 basis points, with a 6.25% floor.
  • Value of the interest subsidy must be less than or equal to the value of the qualifying incentive.

Typical steps in the Mass Save Financing for Business loan program

Customer fills out the applicable Energy Efficiency Application form and indicates interest in 3rd Party Financing to the Program Administrator. For customers with 300kw or more of avg. monthly demand, use C&I application forms. For those with less than 300kw of demand, use Direct Install Application. See your utility bill for monthly demand usage.
Customer receives Pre-Approval Letter for energy efficiency incentive and Loan Authorization form from the Program Administrator. These Customer forms are required for Loan approval. See a sample Loan Authorization Form.
Customer fills out Energy Efficiency Loan Application. (Mass Save or lender specific form) You may choose to use the Mass Save Energy Efficiency Loan Application, or your own form. Download the Energy Efficiency Loan Application.
Customer applies for a Mass Save business loan through a participating lender. See a list of participating lenders.
If approved, lender notifies the Program Administrator. Project begins. Loan is issued to the customer for the principal amount to be financed.
When project is completed, customer notifies Program Administrator and/or Lender. Program administrator will need this notification to begin process of approving payment.
Program Administrators verify completion of the project and confirm with the lender the project passes. PA must verify energy efficiency measure was installed properly to issue interest subsidy check.
After verification, payment for interest subsidy is made to the lender from Program Administrator. Interest subsidy check goes to satisfy the net present value of the accumulated interest on the loan. Any additional funds from the incentive payment are issued as a check to the customer.

Required Steps

What you will need

Customers are required provide the following to the lending institution upon their visit:

Application Forms

You can submit a completed Mass Save Energy Efficiency Loan Application or lender specific application form. Download the Energy Efficiency Loan Application.

See a list of participating lenders.

If you have any questions, please contact the Energy Efficiency Program Administrator in the customer's territory for assistance.