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Frequently Asked Questions

Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee (MTAC)

What does MTAC do?

MTAC provides a statewide coordinated process to assess the energy saving merits of new technology and provides the Massachusetts Program Administrators (MA PAs) qualified technologies for consideration to participate in Massachusetts Energy Efficiency (EE) programming.

How long does the MTAC process take?

Completed applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and a final disposition is possible within 90 days. Applications are placed on‐hold while applicants are responding to MTAC requests for additional information or clarification. If required, these requests may extend the application review period beyond 90 days.

Will my technology be automatically included in MA EE programming if MTAC determines it saves energy?

No, the determination to include such technologies in MA EE programming belongs to the MA PAs and it is based on additional programming requirements beyond the energy savings aspect, such as cost effectiveness and local and State CODE compliance if applicable.

My technology is currently being used in other energy efficiency programming outside of MA, why do I need to apply to MTAC?

All technologies must apply to MTAC as the first step in the MA process. The MTAC process is designed to identify technologies that save energy within the context local state and regional energy usage profiles and energy efficiency goals and objectives.

How can I speed up the MTAC process?

Submit a complete application and respond in a timely manner to all committee inquiries. If possible, provide 3rd party reports that demonstrate the energy saving features of the new technology.

How can I submit questions?

For residential applications send questions to

For commercial applications send questions to