Professional Incentives

It pays to promote energy efficiency.

We value contractors partnering with us to promote energy efficiency to our customers. Contractors may qualify for shared incentives for installing energy efficient equipment or for building energy efficient homes or buildings for our customers. They may also be able to register to have project incentives on approved energy efficiency improvements distributed directly to them.

Energy Efficient Electric Business Application | Gas Efficiency Form

Submit an energy efficiency business application form to participate in a program for electric applications, gas applications and retrofits.

Cool Smart AC Design Procedure | Professional Air Conditioning Rebates

Read the load calculations for all cool smart air conditioning design procedures for HVAC installation professionals.

Cool Smart Incentives for Energy Star HVAC Installations | Mass Save

Learn about the benefits the Cool Smart program can provide for professionals completing energy star qualified installations for their customers.

Cool Smart Incentives for HVAC Contractors | Cool Smart HVAC Incentive

Find Cool Smart incentives for HVAC contractors that are packaged to save customers costs on having energy efficient equipment installed.

Industrial Upstream HVAC Program | Efficient HVAC Equipment Incentive

The industrial upstream HVAC program can provide discounted pricing on highly-efficient commercial HVAC equipment.

Commercial Upstream Lighting Rebate | Electrical Distributor Incentive

Commercial upstream lighting rebates are available for electrical distributors to receive discounted pricing on energy efficient lighting options.

COOL SMART Request for Web Listing | Cool Smart Training

Cool Smart quality installation reimbursement is available for professionals and contractors who are participating in the program.

Pool Pump Installer Incentives | Pool Pump Installation Rebates

Pool pump installer incentives and rebates are available to trained participants to save money on qualifying pumps for customers.