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Advanced skills. Better opportunities.

Energy efficiency expertise for building professionals.

Contractors, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, building/facility managers, architects, and developers. Building professionals of all kinds can benefit by putting their energy efficiency expertise to work for homeowners and businesses. We can help you and your business stay up to date with the latest energy efficiency techniques and technologies so you can take advantage of the growing demand for skilled energy efficiency professionals.

Professional Training & Certifications

Installing and maintaining the latest generation of energy-efficient equipment requires new skills and expertise. Trained contractors and building professionals are a vital part of helping residential and business customers achieve real energy efficiency results. We can connect you with organizations, seminars, and a wide range of educational materials for trade professionals.

Business Opportunities

Many sponsors of energy efficiency programs provide referral services to help customers find qualified professionals and businesses. To help facilitate energy efficiency conversations with our mutual customers, promotional and informational materials may be available to describe your services to customers and leverage branding opportunities.

Professional Incentives

Contractors play an important role in helping homeowners and businesses become more energy efficient. Some programs offer incentives to contractors for installing high efficiency equipment or for building energy efficient homes and buildings—either on an on-going or promotional basis. In addition, industry professionals may be able to register to have project incentives on approved energy efficiency improvements distributed directly to them.

Mass Save® Energy Code Technical Support

In Massachusetts, the Mass Save® Energy Code Technical Support Initiative provides code officials, design professionals, builders, subcontractors, material and equipment suppliers, and others with valuable building energy code compliance training,
technical support, and documentation tools.

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