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Home Energy Assessments

Renters (1-4 Units)

As a renter you are still able to take advantage of various Mass Save energy savings offers. If you are looking to reduce your energy usage and save on your monthly energy bills scheduling a no-cost energy assessment is a great place to start. The assessment will help identify opportunities for greater energy efficiency and increased comfort. Plus, you could qualify for enhanced rebates just for renters.

What is an Energy Assessment?

A Mass Save® energy assessment is a no-cost home visit that helps identify cost-effective energy improvements or replacement opportunities in your home. An Energy Specialist will evaluate where you can save and provide you with products for instant energy savings. During the assessment, you will receive:

  • A custom home energy report
  • No-cost energy efficient light bulbs, water saving devices, and advanced power strips installed during the assessment where applicable
  • Access to enhanced rebates of up to $200 to replace eligible, inefficient refrigerators
  • Access to enhanced rebates of up to $400 to replace eligible, inefficient clothes washers

Also, be sure to let your landlord or building owner know about additional rebates and incentives available through a whole-building energy assessment. 2-4 family homes may be eligible for an enhanced incentive of 90% of the cost of insulation for the entire property, up to $3,000 per unit. Learn more.

Get Started Today.

Schedule your no-cost energy assessment with a Mass Save Energy Specialist by calling 866-527-7283.

Some restrictions may apply. Offer subject to change without notice.

What Customers are Saying

“I was blown away by all of the LEDs. LEDs aren’t cheap as you know, and every light bulb that was incandescent they replaced with an LED. That blew my mind!”

Kavita from Buckland, MA