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ES Dryer offer

If you’re considering a new clothes dryer, an ENERGY STAR® certified clothes dryer is a smart choice. ENERGY STAR certified models offer top of the line features and functionality and use 20% less energy than standard models, so you get maximum convenience while saving energy and money.

ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers:

  • Employ best in class technology to tumble and dry your laundry efficiently.
  • Use advanced moisture sensors to know when the load is dry, save energy by not running for extra time, and avoid wear and tear to your clothes caused by over drying.
  • Are available in many brands and models, giving you a full range of size and feature options.
  • Are third-party certified to ensure they perform as promised.

Get an easy $50 rebate!

Not only will an ENERGY STAR certified dryer save you money over time, get $50 back now! Eversource and the sponsors of Mass Save offer a $50 rebate on ENERGY STAR certified electric clothes dryers. It’s easy, once you’ve purchased your new dryer, enter your rebate information online or submit it by mail, and you get $50 back!

Learn more about the Mass Save clothes dryer rebate here.

Want a reminder?

Do you want a reminder to submit your rebate information? Sure thing! Fill out the form below and let us know when you’d like to receive the reminder.