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Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program Terms

Stay informed on energy-efficient construction.

  • In order for a project to be labeled as ENERGY STAR®, all minimum national ENERGY STAR® guidelines must be met.  
  • Participation in the Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program is voluntary on behalf of the Sponsors and the applicants. The Sponsors have the right to change or modify the existing Program at any time. The Sponsors of the Program, its agents, and employees are indemnified against all loss, damage, expense, and liability resulting from injury to or death of persons, and against all injury to property arising out of or in any way connected with the performance of this Agreement.
  • The Energy Efficiency Program Provider (EEPP) is entitled to 100% of the energy benefits associated with the Energy Cost Measurements, excluding the value of energy cost savings realized by the customer, but including all rights to all associated ISO-NE Energy Capacity and Reserves Products, and the customer agrees to provide the EEPP with such further documentation as the EEPP may request to confirm the EEPP’s ownership of such benefits and products.