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Professional Training & Certifications

Expand your skill set.

Trained contractors and building professionals are a vital part of helping residential and business customers achieve real energy efficiency results. We encourage you to take advantage of these programs, seminars, and educational materials.

Financing for Energy Efficiency Business Loans | Mass Save Loans

Find information on the process for applying for financing for energy efficiency business loans regarding qualified efficiency services.

How to become an HES Participating Contractor | Home Energy Services

The home energy services contractor program allows for residential customers to find energy efficiency opportunities, with the help of a certified professional.

Selecting and Servicing High Efficiency Gas Equipment | GasNetworks

GasNetworks representatives provide field-based training on the current program offerings and the benefits of selling high efficiency equipment.

Opportunities for HVAC Contractors | Mass Save Heating & Cooling

Become an AC Check Trained Contractor and receive incentives and reimbursements through the Mass Save Heating & Cooling program. Take advantage of generous rebates and 0% financing offers for your customers.