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Networked Lighting Controls

Advanced lighting controls technologies offer extraordinary flexibility so you can customize the lighting to suit your business style and needs while generating significant energy savings.

With energy efficiency incentives of $0.50 per sq/ft (up to a maximum of $200,000 per project) and the potential to achieve over 50% energy savings, we encourage our large commercial, institutional, and industrial customers to take advantage of the latest in programmable lighting control technologies.


  • Achieve over 50% energy savings by seamlessly managing your lighting fixtures
  • Create personalized and flexible schedules that can turn on, off and dim the lighting of any room
  • Improve lighting quality with daylight harvesting which automatically adjusts electric lighting when functional daylight is available
  • Track your lighting energy costs and actual savings in real-time, and monitor your energy usage for the entire building
  • Allow individuals to personally control light levels in their workspace from their computers to suit their personal preferences
  • Incorporate automated demand response capability into your system and reduce electrical demand at peak hours with load shedding

The Networked Lighting Controls Program is an initiative to promote the installation and commissioning of lighting control systems both for new construction and retrofit projects. Typical applications include large offices, schools and higher education, industrial/manufacturing facilities, and other commercial and industrial buildings.

Please see Qualified Products List and Project Requirements to learn more which products have been qualified and what requirements must be fulfilled to participate. See our frequently asked questions to learn more about the program.

Manufacturers and Vendors
For manufacturers and vendors interested in qualifying their products for the program, please complete the Manufacturers Qualifications form which helps us determine if the lighting controls manufacturer has the technical capabilities and resources to be eligible as a qualified provider.

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